Social Media Services

Social Media Marketing & More

Whether you are new to social media or are an established business looking to expand on your current strategies, Social Ocean provides a range of services catering to your needs.

Our ethos is to identify the ocean of opportunities available for your business and to help improve organic reach, optimise your activities and create clever content.

From helping you to launch your business on a new platform, to training you how to use platforms, to auditing your activity and giving you a make-over, Social Ocean’s solutions are always tailored to your needs.

A Strategy for Your Business

Our brainstorming sessions help unpack all the thoughts and questions you have about how your business could, should, or is currently performing. We can help you recognise what your business messaging is, what’s worth talking about, what your customers want to know and teach you how to use all the platforms to be on.

It’s our mission to encourage, educate and motivate business owners to be proactive with their marketing strategy, yet be savvy with their time to create maximum impact without adding to the stresses of being a business owner.

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