Talking about marketing in plain English! Plain talking, so you can understand what we mean. There’s no point getting caught up technical lingo you can’t understand.

We are regular collaborators. By imparting our knowledge with others, growth can be experienced and celebrated together and your business community can thrive with you and together.

We love sharing knowledge. What’s the point in keeping a secret!

Balance in your working life is not just a dream for us! We travel, drink with friends and get our stuff done – sometimes outside the normal 9 to 5 grind. We achieve it with continuous learning and deciding the best way forward, using what we’ve learnt.

You are the expert in what you do. Working with you to help you to share that passion is important to us.

Businesses owners learning about marketing activities that are impactful and result in growth, are some of the things we want to help you to determine.

We offer mentoring to support you and your staff to explore these options to promote your business successfully and consistently.


My passion for marketing and ability to recognise a promotional opportunity a mile away, is combined with more than 20 years’ events experience to provide specialty marketing services via Social Ocean.

Since launching our marketing agency in 2017, the number of services we provide has increased each year. We offer social media workshops, corporate event training, business strategy, content marketing and marketing mentoring programs.

Expansion into a variety of website services for business owners struggling to access, or learn how to use their own assets, occurred across 2018 and 2019. In 2019, we expanded to provide graphic design, web design and copy-writing through our local Queensland contractors.

Businesses looking to improve staff skills and responsibilities to include marketing, can learn face-to-face or via video conferencing with us.

I particularly love training others in skills to support the business, and provide long-term skills of the individual. I have a passion for learning, and love sharing that passion.

Mentoring programs help clients to recognise engaging subject matter, key business messages, and learning how to create original and engaging content. Our customers go from a floundering online presence to writing fabulously confident and authentic material.

Working smarter, not harder is an ongoing goal of my own. Showing business owners how to understand the power of batch production and scheduling social media to best utilise their time is something I genuinely enjoy.

As a workshop and events specialist, educating you in hosting or managing bespoke events is another service we provide. The theory and processes of event logistics, schedules, planning, marketing and promotions to make ticket sales, engage guests and grow a community is a worthwhile knowledge base. And a whole lot of fun!

I love working with on-the-rise entrepreneurs wanting to run workshops and retreats; internal events such as board meetings and staff parties – all of which are great long-term investments in relationship and trust building. I love an opportunity to manage corporate events including fundraisers, conferences and product launches.

Our first client (which has been retained each year since), is a conference client. Their state-wide events are the highlights on my calendar.

Bringing creative flair to event planning and harnessing social media marketing to build communities of clients with purpose is what I get out of bed in the morning for.

Whether my clients are looking to connect, collaborate, compete, impact, interact, educate, innovate or motivate through events, creativity allows me to support you in connecting to your audience to enhance the relationship, foster trust and promote awareness and demand for your business, expertise and products.

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