Social Media Planning

Do you have days where your artistic flair stayed in bed?

Are there days you are so busy you didn’t get to Facebook to post about your upcoming event or offer until bed time?

Are your staff great at posting on social media but some training and direction on their content would go a long way?

Are you aware that structured social media content effects your client base?

Book Social Ocean in for training your staff in for one-to-one or small group training. Your staff will grow in confidence and skill therefore increasing understanding of content creation for business social media.

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Premium Content

Premium Content workshops help identify types of content you should incorporate, how to repurpose it and improve content you're already making.

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DIY Marketing Mentoring

DIY Marketing Mentoring sessions offer tailored training sessions for businesses needing to know more about marketing their services or products.

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Social Media Training

Wouldn't it be great to have studied Marketing before starting a business? How about affording a Marketing Manager from the get go? What a dream! How about learning the basics first to make sure your activity is successful.