Social Account Creation

New to business? New to social media? Need the job done?

Social Ocean creates social media accounts ready for your use. We create them according to your business Style Guide, linking them ready for automation and populated with your business information ready for you to take over and ongoing management.

What does that mean?

We won’t just create social media accounts, we complete your profiles with consistency, branding and information ready for use, promotion and success!

We can create all the accounts or just the ones you’re missing.

Get the job done! Get up and running on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more right now!

Unsure what social media platforms you need to be on for your business? There’s so many choices, we get that it’s hard to know which ones are right for your business.

At Social Ocean we’ll discuss some key points about your business to help determine what you need, what you can handle, who your clients are and what you are selling – services or products for example.

You don’t have to have #allthethings just because someone else does. That someone else may be wasting precious time and money trying to keep up!

Social media sites do more than give you a forum to communicate with clients. They assist you with general searchability; as well as supporting different demographics and diversity within our community thanks to various features.

The age of your customer and their personal needs will help determine what features you can investigate on various social media platforms. From using features that assist visually and hearing impaired users to helping your diverse community of customers learning style via video and imagery.

We use your business branding information including logo and style guide, to create fully optimised social media accounts.

Working with you and using your business messaging and style, we’ll create banner images, fully functioning profile information, launch your sites using the correct templates and page needs too.

Based on our own workload, we can generally launch your accounts within a working week ready for use. Ready for you to learn the features of the platform and ready to enroll into a Social Ocean training course or workshop too.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Social Ocean is the best thing that's happened to our office regarding training and education for a long time.

Jody Allison | Business Manager, Crown Properties QLD

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