DIY Marketing Mentoring

Imagine if we all had the chance to study “how to be a business owner” and “how to be an awesome marketer” before we decided to become business owners.

Starting a new business as a sole trader, micro-business owner or entrepreneur is hard. There’s rarely a budget for staff. Or a team.

As you launch a business, it evolves so quickly. Working your way through product or service launches, details and logistics means what you’re doing can change so often, daily even.

We understand this very well because it’s a part of our own story. It happened to us too.

We didn’t buy in to a ready-to-go business or have structure provided to us by a franchise.

Everything needed to be done from scratch. With our own creativity – and some times not enough creativity!

Hungry for info about all things business, we spent time talking to other business owners who could help us with their experience and knowledge. This haphazard approach wasn’t great.

It was irregular, some times accidental and there were lots more issues to figure out in between.

Since working with lots of clients during their launch phases over the last few years, we’ve realised our problems – your problems – everyone’s problems – are all very similar.

After requests and inquiries for tailored options to work with us, we started DIY Marketing Mentoring. This allows us to work with business owners – or staff responsible for promotions and marketing of a business – on a regular basis to improve their knowledge base of marketing.

DIY Marketing Mentoring sessions are perfect for those in the process of launching a new business and need guidance, structure and training in marketing for small business.

DIY Marketing Mentoring sessions are perfect for administration staff who do not have the experience or training in marketing, but have the responsibility of handling elements of the businesses promotion.


Book in for weekly or fortnightly DIY Marketing Mentoring sessions with Kirsty.

Working together via video conferencing in two hour blocks, across 8 or 16 weeks, your program will be tailored to the stage your business is at.

You will participate in:

  • Audits of activity, skills and technology
  • Training in social media platforms
  • Learning about key areas of marketing
  • Uncover new and exciting paths to promote your business
  • Reviews of marketing results
  • Planning content and marketing mapping

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Kirsty leads intensive sessions on "Business Networking" at our bimonthly training events, as well as "social media basics" for our team of 85 small business owners. Her input has been instrumental in helping many of them get their social media branding up and running. Kirsty has also built a significant framework for promoting our events which was something we were dismally lacking.

Kathy Rowlands | Administration Manager, Spending Planners Institute

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