Social Media For Beginners

Did you start a Facebook profile because it was the only way to start a business page?

If you answered yes, we’ve created an introductory guide for you.

If you need for Facebook for Business but don’t have a clue what a “reaction” is or think that a “tag” is the thing that comes on clothes, then it’s time to book in to a social media for beginners session with Social Ocean.

You will learn the basic features of Facebook. After a session with us, you’ll be able to:

  • to do more with your family photos or find out where to view them
  • type comments on your kids and grandkids page – and start a conversation
  • learn how to invite family to Christmas Lunch without having to call each person
  • keep up with the Kardashians.

After a Social Media session with Social Ocean you will be more confident, ready to engage and do more than stalk family.

You’ll be able to comment appropriately so your kids want to talk back to you. An added bonus is that you get to keep your reference guide to keep practicing.

Book in for a video link or face-to-face training session if you’re local to us.

Think about purchasing a voucher for your Mum/Dad/Grandparents to get them going like a pro!


Training topics cover a multitude of areas depending on your level of training, and can include: Likes & Reactions, Menus, Posting, Tagging, Photos, Commenting, Sharing, Events, Settings, Notifications, Shortcuts, Privacy.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I recently attended the Social Ocean social media training and it was fabulous. Kirsty not only taught us how to build our social media presence but also provided resourceful information on how to structure posts and the content needed to attract clients.

Jo Stevens | The Zen Zone

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