Stationery Design for Business

The Social Ocean team loves working with businesses during their launch phase or when rebranding. The process of branding are some of the most important steps to setting the tone of your business long term. And there’s so many things to check off the list.

Once your logo design is complete, there’s a million more things you can get your graphic designer to roll out, and that’s exactly what we’d love to help you do too. Our stationary designs are an important extension of your visual brand.

Our custom design service means we’ll work with you to design stationary elements to help your business shine. From business cards, to letterhead to brochures to email signatures and everything up to merchandising for community events.

We work with you to create your dream stationery!  There’s lots to think about when it comes to stationery and we’re here to help you through the creative process.

In addition to traditional print items, we create lots of digital stationery design too. Plus, we design event elements for digital platforms all the time. Including tickets, ticketing platform pictures, social media campaign images and so much more. If there’s a unique place for your branding to be published, we’ll customise your designs to fit and work cohesively.

We also assist businesses to audit their stationery needs. As we move to more digital communication points, some industries are reducing their paper trail – but not reducing a need for cohesive design! Auditing stationery to make sure it matches, presents well and whilst looking for ways to reduce costs is clever.

  • Imagine having run a business for many years but you make a recent change to your trading name?
  • Or you’ve experienced growth in business and your communication strategy needs to update with the change,
  • Or you’ve now got the budget for a professional design package you couldn’t afford when you first started!

Working with Social Ocean on your stationery design project starts with a client meeting to discuss your needs in more detail.

That meeting can occur in person or via video link.

We determine a design brief from this meeting to include branding or colours, style or theming, timelines and publication requirements.

After discussing your stationery needs, our team presents options for the first phase of the design.

From here the client/business and our staff take direction to refine everything until we’ve got it right.

As part of working with Social Ocean on your logo design, your receive:

  • Unlimited edits during the design process
  • Print ready designs in applicable outputs files for printing
  • Optimised digital design files in applicable outputs for digital platforms
  • Social Ocean will discuss professional print needs directly with your printer to help speed up the process
  • Guidance and advice regarding professional printing options

NOTE: Cost of printing all designs will be additional to your invoice for Social Ocean. Printing costs will change for each job. Costs are relevant to the type of stock selected, size of items, embellishments chosen, number of items printed and many more specification options. Social Ocean works closely with print suppliers to assist with these costings and organisation of quotes for our customers.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Kirsty is an inspirational leader, full of amazing ideas & always willing to share her time helping you with your business. I highly recommend Kirsty & her business, Social Ocean!

Judith Newton | An Ethical Life

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