Wix Websites

We’ve overseen website builds with dashboards designed by developers that look amazing, but couldn’t be used easily.

We’ve worked with agencies ranging from low cost to high end extreme pricing and we became disillusioned about the path to owning a successful website.

We want to provide clients with a website solution to reduce ongoing costs, provide accessibility, and save time.

We struggle with developers maintenance fees are prohibitive for businesses to make changes to the sites on a regular basis.

You should be able to access your website for maintenance, make minor edits, publish new content and keep it active and fresh.

What if you had a spelling error – a teeny tiny edit but can’t figure out how to correct it without a fee?

It’s normal to not have technical skills to edit websites to maintain an online presence and keep up with search engines.

But if you don’t have the skills, in our experience, it’s likely you aren’t maintaining an online presence for your business.

We want to design a site for both your needs and your customers needs.

We realise that you want to:

  • understand how it works,
  • start using it immediately,
  • not pay for every ongoing change,
  • be found by searche engines,
  • find answers to your enquiry easily,
  • relieve yourself of ongoing costs and wait times.

If you too want a website that gives you all of the above, inquire with Social Ocean today.

If you want a website that gives you all of the above that doesn’t require commerce implementation (as in you don’t need a shop with lots of products to sell online), than we recommend Wix websites.

We’ll build a Wix website with your supplied content and imagery starting from just $750*.

*Fees are for the design/creation of your website and implementation of your content and imagery by Social Ocean only. Additional App options are available and may be implemented to your website for additional fees depending on requirements.

Book your site in to be designed by Social Ocean in advance to support your timeline.

When you provide all your content and imagery, we can build your site and have it up and running in one business week**.

We also schedule in your training session over Zoom that runs you through how to use the features we’ve built in to your site, that you can keep as your reference video.

**All content and imagery must be provided by the client in advance of project commencement.

Wix website builds start with a template in most cases. These templates are then changed, customised, branded and populated with all the text your customer needs to read about your business and products.

Providing content means, that you as the business, need to provide the text/information to be inserted into the text sections. If you don’t provide this information, your website won’t be ready to fully launch until it’s been written.

Providing imagery means, that you as the business, need to provide the photos to be inserted into the photo sections. If you don’t provide this information, Social Ocean will either maintain the template imagery – which may not be suitable for your business – or use stock imagery relative to your industry but not customised to your business branding.

Visually appealing, informative and product highlights are easily achieved via Wix images as you build your site.

Domain purchase and subscription costs are in addition to the Social Ocean fees for service and are at the client’s additional expense for payment.

These additional payments will be required to be paid for the use of customised (privately owned) Domain names.

A Domain name is the website address you purchase for your business e.g. Social Ocean’s Domain name is www.socialocean.com.au and we purchased this Domain via a third party domain registration company.

Further training on how to use your Wix website can be coordinated with Social Ocean for an additional fee.

We provide a training video for clients using their completed website to capture “how to edit” their site. It’s included in your project fees.

In addition to that, clients can book in a video training session (approx. three hours) for instruction and practice training. The timing of this training is relative to the size of your website and your ability/skill level of using computers. This training session is an additional fee.

A small monthly retainer can be organised for the Social Ocean team to support your content marketing by uploading and publishing articles on your behalf, regularly updating website features, and keeping your site fresh or featuring your latest promotion, event or campaign. This is a service provided for an additional fee.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I've recently rebranded and wanted to create a new website. Social Ocean gave me a great website, looks beautiful, they took my big picture into consideration. I love how I was kept in the loop at every decision point and really enjoyed working with Social Ocean. I would definitely recommend the Social Ocean to do your website and I will be using them for many other services.

Leanne Blaney | Igniting Lives Through Adventure

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