Logo Design

The Social Ocean team loves working with business on their new logo design! The process of branding is possibly the most important phase of business launching, as your logo is the face of your brand.

Logo design is just one of the graphic design services we provide. The process is quite fluid and when we start a logo design project, we like to have a good understanding of your business, who you work with and who you sell to.

This means we can be sure to include and reference elements of your business into your logo. That could be with colour, symbolism or industry requirements. There’s lots to think about when it comes to logo design, and we’re here to help you through the creative process.

We also assist many businesses with their rebrand needs too.

  • Imagine having run a business for many years but you make a recent change to your trading name?
  • Or you’ve experienced growth in business and your name needs to reflect the change.
  • Or you are now the sole name behind the brand, so plan to move from business branding to personal branding.

Working with Social Ocean on your logo design project starts with the client completing a business background questionnaire, before meeting with one of our team members to discuss your project in more detail.

That meeting can occur in person or via video link.

After discussing the client needs, interests and creative style needs our team presents several options as the first phase of the design project.

From here the client/business representative and our staff take direction from this first phase and work to refine layout, design, colour, fonts and much more until we’ve got it right.

As part of working with Social Ocean on your logo design, your receive:

  • Unlimited edits during the design process
  • Logo design files in various output including EPS, JPEG, PNG, PDF format in mulitple sizes for print or digital needs in future
  • Brand Book with logo option and style information with colour code details
  • Mockups of your logo to prompt your use of brand merchandising in the future

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I am so glad I chose Social Ocean for my website and logo creation

Maureen Wise

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