Classroom Profiling Association

Classroom Profiling Association Incorporated (CPA Inc.) is a professional teaching association focussing on training professional educators around Australia. Their niche practice of profiling within the classroom allows teachers to reflect on the effectiveness of the pedagogical practices they currently use.

Project Brief included:

  • WordPress (WP) Website Design: Business and membership requirements, simple layout, mobile friendly, WP Website Training
  • Social Media: Content guidance to volunteers
  • Branding: Implementing branding strategies has given a fresh and modernised look to the association’s marketing. Social Ocean assists in this capacity with every project. From sourcing hero imagery, reinforcing their marquee schools program as a feature, to introducing visual branding elements across digital platforms, to redesigning the merchandise range for consistency and profit margins
  • Graphic Design: Logo Design & Branding Original logo files were created by volunteers, however file formats that were required didn’t exist. Our team recreated the much-loved original artwork, so was able to provide all file outputs required for future digital and print needs.
  • Newsletter Collation: Quarterly newsletters are designed/collated for the CPA Inc. ready for distribution by the Association’s administration staff.

CPA Inc. projects commenced in 2019 and still engage our services regularly.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I would like to pass on our thanks for sourcing our merch... people are starting to show interest in purchasing! Have packed up two orders today to Instructors who have never purchased. Very exciting.

CPA Inc. | Administration Officer