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Today’s Ocean Network speaker is Kirsty Fields. We’ll hear from our guest speaker Kirsty as she talks about how easy it is to use LinkedIn for business and shares some of her best tips to use the features of the platform for best outcomes.

“I hear from clients how they aren’t sure what to do with LinkedIn or if it’s something they need to learn about.

From my perspective, it’s easier to learn than other social media platforms overall – and it can be a more genuine and direct connection to your business network in particular.”

Grow your confidence in LinkedIn or determine if it’s a platform you should be bothered with at our next meeting.

When: 2020-May-26

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Kirsty is the Creative Director and Owner of Social Ocean. A multi-faceted marketing agency that specialises in training micro business owners in harnessing social media and events marketing practices for business growth.

Kirsty has a passion for sharing information with others and teaching others how to incorparate marketing practices into every day business. She’s worked with hundreds of individuals and professional organisations since launching Social Ocean in 2017.

Since that time, she’s won the Queensland award for Excellence in Policy and Education from Stormwater Queensland for a state-wide conference series she coordinated, been named a Female Thought Leader in 2019 by national women’s magazine YMag, and has featured in web TV series, Podcast programs and corporate videos around the country.

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Ocean Network May (2)