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LinkedIn Images, Pixels, Sizes for 2024

LinkedIn image sizes have changed several times in the last few years. Not only have sizing changed since Microsoft took over the platform ownership, but there’s been more changes with feature introduction and feature updates as well.

There’s lots of positive changes happening, with new tool tip suggestions popping up whenever they roll out this year.

As a business using a Company Page on LinkedIn we want our pictures to look great! So we spend time preparing them. When a new feature gets introduced, it’s likely we need to adjust the templates we use to create pictures with too.

Use our 2024 LinkedIn imagery sizes (below) to make sure your published posts are looking sharp.

Enter the pixel sizes into Canva’s custom sizing or create your own digital templates with Adobe or other software.


Here are the latest LinkedIn imagery sizes.

LinkedIn Personal Profile:

When working with business owners, we like to create connections between their personal profile and Company Pages. We do this by using the same LinkedIn images as for the cover banners in both places to create consistency and connection.

Your LinkedIn profile photo should be square with a size of 400 pixels x 400 pixels.

Your LinkedIn Personal cover banner image should be a rectangle sized at 1584 pixels x 396 pixels.

For great tips on selecting your personal profile photo, read our blog 5 Profile Photo Tips.


LinkedIn Company Page Sizes:

The two key images for your LinkedIn Company Page are your logo and banner.

Your LinkedIn logo image should be square 300 pixels x 300 pixels minimum. At Social Ocean we use 400 x 400 pixels for clarity.

If your logo isn’t already a square shape, ask your designer to provide you with a square option. This will be handy for all your social media profiles.

Or make your own. Put your logo on an all white background – simply centre the logo to a solid white square shape – with plenty of white space around the edges of the logo. This is what lets you zoom in and out to inside the logo uploading tool.


LinkedIn banner sizing has always created issues for page administrators. Trying to choose images that look good on both Desktop view and the App is tricky.

Your LinkedIn Company Page banner image should be square 1128 pixels x 191 pixels.

Overall, when you’re making your own Company Page banner we don’t advise adding too much text, due to devices cropping your view differently on computer verse smart devices. That means parts of your image might not be seen.

LinkedIn Events Sizes:

The new LinkedIn Events has a different cover image size. It’s short and wide like all other LinkedIn cover imagery.

Your LinkedIn event cover image should be rectangular with 1776 pixels x 444 pixels.

If you want to place the name of the event on the photo, make sure the text is centred so that the Event logo on the far left doesn’t cover your text.

LinkedIn Events also have a square logo option. When viewing the event the logo sits on top of the cover photo and can make viewing difficult.


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If you need help to create or update your social media images for LinkedIn or any other platform check out our Graphic Design options.

Don’t forget to read great tips on selecting your profile photo here: 5 Profile Photo Tips.


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Article compiled by Social Ocean’s Creative Director, Kirsty Fields. To follow her on Instagram or LinkedIn for more regular helpful hints, follow Social Ocean on LinkedIn or Instagram. Last updated – January 2024.

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