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Often the idea of being creative, trendy, unique and fun freaks us out! Our Clients tell us the eye of the designer is what they are missing from creating an impact with their social media efforts, and they want their visual marketing to be better.

Let the stress of needing to be creative free! Use our industry-relevant customised artwork for your social media instead. We’ll save your day! In fact, this is our favourite job in the whole world – the creative side of our brains gets to rule over…well… the not so smart side.​

We have done the creative work for you and made cohesive themes for you to present consistency and help boost your brand to new, existing and future customers. Use our social media quote bundles to achieve the perfect visuals. Just add your message and go!

Our square social media tiles are set in size for Instagram and Facebook. There are 1000’s of uses for social media tiles, and you’ll be relieved to be able to cover them all!

We call our social media tiles “Social Sets”.

After purchase you’ll receive a zip file of the social sets in the colour option you choose. Mix them up with your own photos of staff, products and events.

Update your feed with our custom artworks and get ready to redesign your Instagram grid.

If you aren’t on Instagram, that doesn’t matter! Simply jump into Facebook and schedule your social sets for months at a time. It really is that easy!

Let the Social Ocean creatives do the walking while you sit back with your pineapple cocktails and do the talking!

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