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How to be a Social Media Sensation

This event is hosted by the Women Embracing Business, Brisbane Meetup group – a professional networking group designed for women ran by Terri Tonkin in Eatons Hill.

Due to the current restrictions placed on hospitality venues, this July event will be hosted via Zoom conferencing.


Kirsty Fields, Creative Director from Social Ocean is always striving to work smarter – not harder.

In the world of social media where some thing new happens weekly, updates happen whilst we sleep and there’s a sense that you can rarely get on top of everything, it’s important to create processes to future-proof the time you spend on learning.

Social Media causing stress is one of the most common discussion points with my clients.

We want to strive towards the point where your marketing or marketing strategies becomes part of your decision making process to reduce the time you need to spend pondering what to talk about online.

Kirsty’s ethos of working smarter – not harder, will be of interest to those needing to show up in their business – as a micro-business owner, solopreneur and passionate team of 1 in particular – whilst servicing their current clients and needing to attract new ones.

Three points she will discuss are:
•Focus your time on key topics
•Leveraging Content online
•What patch producing content means

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