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Ocean Network May (2)


Today’s Ocean Network speaker is Kirsty Fields. We’ll hear from our guest speaker Kirsty as she talks about how easy it is to use LinkedIn for business and shares some of her best tips to use the features of the platform for best outcomes.

“I hear from clients how they aren’t sure what to do with LinkedIn or if it’s something they need to learn about.

From my perspective, it’s easier to learn than other social media platforms overall – and it can be a more genuine and direct connection to your business network in particular.”

Grow your confidence in LinkedIn or determine if it’s a platform you should be bothered with at our next meeting.

Ocean Network May (1)

Taking Control of Your Mental Wellbeing

Today’s Ocean Network speaker is Jo Stevens.

We’ll hear from special guest speaker for this virtual event, Jo Stevens as she talks about how to take control of your mental wellbeing with mindfulness activities.

Learn to accept yourself for who you are and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Today’s topic on “Taking control of your Mental Wellbeing” is a personal journey for Jo, as for many years she was afraid to be herself and is now finally stepping into her greatness.

Putting You In Your Business

Kirsty Fields, Creative Director from Social Ocean will discuss “Putting You In Your Business” and howdoing that with your marketing helps you to grow a unique connection with your clients, community and raving fans.

Using tips Kirsty will discuss and present, guests will be asked to consider being brave in their marketing and to make new actions to attract their audience to engage them online.

Drawing on years of managing multiple digital entities, Kirsty’s ethos of working smarter – not harder, will be of interest to those needing to show up in their business – as a micro-business owner,
solopreneur and passionate team of 1 in particular – whilst servicing their current clients and needing to attract new ones.

3 points Kirsty will discuss are:
1. Adding your personality
2. Why mundane messages are so important, and
3. How trial and error presents the wins

Ocean Network April (2)


Today’s Ocean Network speaker is Leanne Blaney.


We’ll hear from our guest speaker Leanne Blaney as she talks about why our daily work makes up a huge part of our lives. We spend almost a third of our entire lifetime at work. Meaning that at the end of the day, there’s not much time left to work on our own goals, meet new people or pursue our personal passions.

As a Bucket List Coach, Leanne believes that it’s important to do goal setting for work and for life. Fulfillment outside the business translates directly to performance within your business.

Writing down a bucket list is easy. You might not need to have a Bucket List Coach for that, you think. Living it, however, is a major challenge in today’s extremely fast-paced society.

Leanne will share some of these challenges to living a Bucket List life and how we can implement our Bucket List to find more personal fulfillment, inspire you to your fullest potential and become more energised. This in turn will enable you to be more creative in your business, help your brand, create more meaningful bonds with people and become better at solving problems.

It’s time to stop sleepwalking through life and start living your Bucket List.

Ocean Network Feb (1)


Discover the keys to attracting new clients by learning to speak with clarity, ease and authenticity.

Would you like to speak about your business in a way that excites and engages your prospective clients?

At this Ocean Network you will learn from Melanie Wood the power of storytelling to connect with your marketplace so they know, like and trust you.

Ocean Network events start at 7:30am, with venue access no earlier than 7:15am.

Guests are able to order breakfast and coffee from The Belvedere upon arrival as they wish.

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