Redcliffe IWD2020

Business friends Kirsty (from Social Ocean) and Judy (from An Ethical Life) realised an International Women’s Day event in their local area didn’t exist, so they set about organising one themselves. Asking another business friend Jody (from Crown Properties QLD) to join them with the event the three worked across 2019 and 2020 in preparation.

Using Social Ocean services for the majority of the event logistics meant that these elements could be created and built out over a longer lead time than normal. It also meant that once the annual theme was announced by the International Women’s Day organisation, final program elements could be swiftly implemented as they were completed, waiting to launch.

Campaign elements created by Social Ocean include:

  • Event Program/Schedule
  • Keynote Speaker engagement and coordination
  • Graphic Design
  • Ticketing Logistics and Promotion
  • Trade Display Coordination and Management
  • Events Marketing: social media, print media, online media
  • Event Styling: table centre pieces, graphic design, styling.

The Redcliffe International Women’s Day 2020 was a sold out event. The three women involved with the day now plan to run future charitable events for Redcliffe business women.