Pristine Peninsula

Local environmental community group, Pristine Peninsula (PP) needed assistance with social media campaigns for an important cause. PP is a group of environmentally focused volunteers, residents and stakeholders. Together they share educational, topical, news and helpful information – which all have an environmental focus.

After 12 months of planning, the group created a litter reduction campaign for the suburb where our office is.

We saw the call out to businesses and residents and we knew that the campaign, Love Our Clontarf, was important. So important we offered practical and expert advice, as well as ‘hands on’ professional services and action from our team.

Launching at the end of January, Social Ocean assisted in the week leading in to the official campaign launch and after the 100 day campaign began. Initially starting with a coffee meeting with the campaign coordinator to understand the project in more detail, it was easy to see that there were many community messages needing to be created, shared and urgent action to create them was needed.

In order to combat an immediate need of information to filter and flow around the community, our team created short slogans that were easy to remember and visually appealing for participants to share. The key outcome of the social media campaign overall was to generate more volunteers, community awareness and education. Slogans and information were used to design a suite of social media awareness designs for use.

In addition to these important factors, information about the geography of the focal area of the campaign and it’s proximity to the sensitive Inlet and Moreton Bay was key to the campaign.

The success of the campaign took effect and within just one day, 13 more volunteers joined the caused.


Project Brief included:

  • Social Media Campaign Creation: launching key Facebook event elements to publish important information and community messaging
  • Graphic Design: design of many various campaign elements including Facebook and Instagram artwork, content creation and key messaging recognition
  • Recognise and incorporate branding elements to all design work
  • Social Media guidance to volunteers

Campaign and project services were completed by Social Ocean in May 2021.

Ongoing support of the ‘Love Our Clontarf’ Litter Campaign has been provided since the completion of the campaign including attending stakeholder meetings with volunteers and Government representatives.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

The 2021 Love our Clontarf Litter Campaign would not have been a success without the marketing leadership, inspiration, energy and drive of Kirsty Fields, Creative Director, Social Ocean.

Pristine Peninsula | Les Barkla, Founder - Pristine Peninsula