Narangba Valley SS

Narangba Valley State School (NVSS) is located in the Moreton Bay region. NVSS is a primary school where the students are nurtured in an environment which values respect, care, success, safety, and partnerships.

Inclusivity and belonging is central to their beliefs for all children to succeed.

With several changes to staff in recent years, original marketing files were lost. To start, Social Ocean recreated the school’s Logo which had been reduced in quality and clarity. The logo itself has been redrawn and branding elements to the logo identified for staff use.

Project Brief included:

Graphic Design: Logo Rebuild Redesign, Branding Identification Assistance. The original logo design proved difficult to recreate in to the standard logo variations Social Ocean would design for our clients. Layers of logo elements and their colour differences of these layers, meant that creating a monochromatic and white version had added difficulty. The frog and grass sections needed to be graded incrementally to find successful tones for greyscale use. This is particularly important within a school environment where colour printing costs are at a premium.

Canva Training: Staff from the administration and management team responsible for creating a variety of marketing messages for the school’s Facebook page, digital screens, newsletters and yearbook completed training early in the year. Teaching staff have completed a customised Canva Training workshop with Kirsty in designing yearbook report pages.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Thank you for the practical Canva Training for our staff today! Many light bulb moments & exciting new design tools to increase creativity in our school publications 😊

Canva Workshop Feedback | Sharon, Teacher