Content Mapping

Content Mapping has become one of the most popular workshops available with us right now!

Many of our clients who’ve completed social media platform courses have progressed in confidence and skills and were ready to take in the more detailed concept of content mapping.

We launched this new workshop in 2019 to cater to our hundreds of clients who have been working hard to build their communities. They have been conquering free features of social media sites to optimise their activity.

They were ready to look at the broader strategies behind content creation and why we create certain types of content to support business goals.

Content Mapping workshops help you identify the types of content you are lacking, why you should incorporate new formats and how to be savvy and get savvier with the content you’ve made to date.

This is not a “beginners” workshop.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Kirsty speaks to non-tech people in language they can understand, and the tips and techniques she suggests make sense and can be implemented whatever your level of technical expertise. One of the highlights is that we weren't just told what to do, Kirsty walked us through the process step-by-step on our own devices.

Danielle Berry | Brisbane Bathroom Renovations

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