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From Stall Holder to International Supplier

Being born in a country doesn’t guarantee the cultural knowledge or awareness required to start an international business from afar.
Being able to speak the native language is a huge advantage.
But what about personalities, work ethics and even time zones effecting everything about with making your business internationally successful?

From his personal experiences as an international supplier, Eduardo Suarez will share the intricacies involved in placing orders for products from overseas.

Through his supplier business, the crafted and handmade products from Mexican artisans are now sold around the world. Proving his determination to consider Cultural Distance, and determine the differences and knowing what to expect, what to avoid and what to be aware of when dealing with different countries.

Eduardo Suarez from A Little Piece of Mexico will share these challenges to encourage you to take that next step into the international supply chain.

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We know that in order to have impact in this world, at some point, we HAVE to step in front of that camera and start speaking about our purpose. However are you holding yourself back with these excuses…
“But I don’t know how to use the tech.”
“But I don’t know what to say.”
“But what if the internet trolls come at me?”

In this 30 minute interactive presentation, MellyS The Story Collector will share with you her own journey with camera confidence. And how after working with numerous clients through her videography business and her global interview project #courage1000project, she knows your camera confidence comes down to 3 core lessons.

Melly Stewart will inspire you to embrace your own confidence while providing simple but highly effective camera techniques so you can get started immediately.

It’s time to speak up, show up and start sharing your stories with the world.

It’s time to start living your purpose.

Facebook for Business Content Creation

Instagram for Business

Ocean Network Feb (1)


Discover the keys to attracting new clients by learning to speak with clarity, ease and authenticity.

Would you like to speak about your business in a way that excites and engages your prospective clients?

At this Ocean Network you will learn from Melanie Wood the power of storytelling to connect with your marketplace so they know, like and trust you.

Ocean Network events start at 7:30am, with venue access no earlier than 7:15am.

Guests are able to order breakfast and coffee from The Belvedere upon arrival as they wish.

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