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2022 B.I.G. Planning Day

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent return on energy!” ― Brian Tracy, author and motivational speaker

Who wouldn’t want a 1000 per cent return on energy???!!!

This ultimate event to set your clear vision and goals for your business and map out your content for 2022 will be the experience that changes your business. It will stop end your unproductive times and wasting energy.

This is not just any old goal setting or content marketing workshop. This is how you set up your success of your business for 2022.

There will be thinking BIG as well as step by step techniques to achieve your goals and MAP out the future content for your business.

There will be proven methods of execution so you can be efficient in getting your content out there.

There will be no more fluffing around without direction. You will be purposeful and energised ready for the year ahead.  We will transform your intentions into behaviour that leads to achieving your goals.


You will come away with your:


Coming out of the 2021 fog of quick change, panic, stress, overwhelm and compulsion to react instead of respond, you’ll be confident to clear the air and enjoy the blissful relief for taking action in your business to have the best year yet.

As part of this workshop we will have a professional photographer take two lifestyle headshots that you can use in your business in 2022 – so dress up and don’t forget to bring your touch up make-up.

When you buy a ticket you will relish the opportunity to lunch over lunch to be with our two expert presenters for a brain-picking lunch opportunity where you can ask the hard questions and be rewarded with as much guidance and expertise that we can fit in.

Join us for a magnificient event at The Komo which has a gorgeous view over Moreton Bay. We will champion each other and then end the day with a networking event where you will be able to build relationships with other business owners for possible collaborations, joint ventures and referral opportunities.

This is a highly valuable and practical workshop that will give you clear direction for 2022.

Don’t just learn how to be an effective and efficient planner of your business and content, be it and do it NOW!!!!!


B.I.G. Planning Day Inclusions:

This is the ultimate planning event to set you on the path to success.


Planning Day 2 – Additional Add-On:

Take all that you’ve actioned from this BIG day of goal setting, planning and campaign creation and return for a morning of implementation over coffee with our Planning and Marketing Experts.

Day 2 gives you another day of dedicated time to take your specific ideas and goals and map out your year, calendarise campaigns, prioritise your plans and ignite your goals. This additional day will start your 2022 with a BIG bang!

Your Presenters:

This workshop is run by industry experts and offers you a safe and supportive, caring and confidential environment.

International Speaker, multi-Award Winning marketing agency owner and entrepreneur Kirsty Fields presents the morning Content Marketing Workshop for attendees.

International Speaker, Master Trainer in The Neuro Change Method™, Certified Bucket List Coach and Award Winning Author of Balance, Leanne Blaney presents the afternoon Goal Setting and Vision Workshop.

Kirsty and Leanne
Pictured: Content Marketing presenter Kirsty Fields (left) and Goal Setting and Vision presenter Leanne Blaney (right).

Blogging for Beginners

Learn to write and publish a blog in a day

By the end of this one day workshop, you will have written and published a short blog, even if you have never blogged before.

Come and learn, step-by-step, in a fun, friendly and supportive environment as our two presenters share their expertise and experience with you.


Sally will help you with writing the blog.

Together we will

  1. Determine how to come up with topics to blog about
  2. Learn how to structure your blog so people want to read it
  3. Write a blog on the day!

And Kirsty will guide you through optimizing and publishing your blog.

Together we will

  1. Learn how images are key to blogging
  2. Explore what SEO is, and what it does
  3. Prepare your blog ready to publish

You can then use your newly gained knowledge and skills as a template to make all your future blogs quicker and easier to write, and be more effective as an online marketing tool.

Need to know more? Keep on reading …

blogging equation

WHY blog?

Blogs help your customers find you online by helping you move higher in the search engines. Have you looked further than the first page of Google results? No? Well, hardly anyone else has either!

Get your business in front of more potential customers with blogs that improve your SEO.

What’s the first thing people do when thinking about working with you? Yes! They Google you. Having blogs on your website makes you more visiblegives you credibility and shows you are an authority in your field.

Here are some mind-boggling blogging statistics –

Having a blog increases your chances of ranking higher on Google by 434%

75% of online shoppers read blog posts as part of their buying process

Publishing 16 posts gets 4.5x more leads than publishing 4 posts

61% of Australians spend 3x more time reading blog content than emails

More exposure, more business…. Simply from blogging!

Your Ticket includes:

Room capacity is limited. Book now to ensure your place.


Sally Eberhardt & Kirsty Fields

Meet Your Presenters – Sally Eberhardt and Kirsty Fields

Communication, connection and collaboration are values that writer, author, speaker and mentor Sally Eberhardt holds close to her heart.

With a diverse background including agriculture, small business and market research, she is a champion of introverts and writers, and a believer in kindness and gratitude.

Blogging has brought a lot of business and opportunities to Sally’s life. She loves to educate and enlighten others so they too can reap the many benefits of blogging.

Creative Director and Founder of Social Ocean, Kirsty Fields loves to uncover opportunities for businesses to connect with their audience in unique ways. She gives her clients a voice and platform to stand out from the crowd, allowing them to be visible to their potential customers.

Kirsty is passionate about marketing education and sharing of knowledge, especially with those new to business. She is always creating processes to help clients maximise efficiency, whilst harnessing digital platforms to assist with growth and promotion.

With a strong focus on digital, Kirsty works with clients to create better customer experiences, broaden audiences, and optimise marketing efforts to benefit with better outcomes.

Work smarter, not harder is Kirsty’s motto.

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