Putting You In Your Business

Kirsty Fields, Creative Director from Social Ocean will discuss “Putting You In Your Business” and howdoing that with your marketing helps you to grow a unique connection with your clients, community and raving fans.

Using tips Kirsty will discuss and present, guests will be asked to consider being brave in their marketing and to make new actions to attract their audience to engage them online.

Drawing on years of managing multiple digital entities, Kirsty’s ethos of working smarter – not harder, will be of interest to those needing to show up in their business – as a micro-business owner,
solopreneur and passionate team of 1 in particular – whilst servicing their current clients and needing to attract new ones.

3 points Kirsty will discuss are:
1. Adding your personality
2. Why mundane messages are so important, and
3. How trial and error presents the wins

When: 2020-May-01

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