Ocean Network Sept (1)

At our next Ocean Network event our guest speaker is Trainer, Coach, Author Leanne Blaney with her presentation “Step Derailing Your Goals”.
In this presentation Leanne will address the issues that can hold you back from achieving your goals. Whether it is procrastination or other self-sabotaging activities.
Procrastination and self-sabotaging are something most of us struggle with at one time or another. It occurs when we fail to work towards our goals.
You will find out what may cause that and how best to counteract these self-sabotaging activities such as procrastination.
Use your subconscious mind to your best advantage. Just setting goals is not enough to decrease procrastination or stop the self-sabotaging activities. If we set up our subconscious, we can often get through those times of doubt, poor results or procrastination.

When: 2021-Sep-14

Where: The Belvedere Hotel, Woody Point

Address: 20 Oxley Avenue, Woody Point QLD 4019

Attending our events is FREE.

The only costs incurred by guests is the purchase of their breakfast or coffee items.

Ocean Network uses both theΒ MeetupΒ andΒ FacebookΒ platforms to promote events.

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