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We know that in order to have impact in this world, at some point, we HAVE to step in front of that camera and start speaking about our purpose. However are you holding yourself back with these excuses…
“But I don’t know how to use the tech.”
“But I don’t know what to say.”
“But what if the internet trolls come at me?”

In this 30 minute interactive presentation, MellyS The Story Collector will share with you her own journey with camera confidence. And how after working with numerous clients through her videography business and her global interview project #courage1000project, she knows your camera confidence comes down to 3 core lessons.

Melly Stewart will inspire you to embrace your own confidence while providing simple but highly effective camera techniques so you can get started immediately.

It’s time to speak up, show up and start sharing your stories with the world.

It’s time to start living your purpose.

When: 2020-Mar-24

Where: The Belvedere Hotel, Woody Point

All Ocean Networks are free to attend, unless otherwise advised.

We appreciate your RSVP to either the official Meetup group event announcement or to the official Facebook group.

This allows our guest speakers to prepare for each event.

Influenced by Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert, Melly Stewart draws on her 10 years experience in Photography/Videography, 15 years in the entrepreneurial space, the research from her #courage1000project interview series and her own life experiences to show others how to have the courage to reclaim their confidence, joy and purpose in life, and business.

Melly Stewart is an author, speaker, trainer, facilitator, mentor, videographer, award winning photographer, entrepreneur and host & founder of the #courage1000project Global WebTV & Podcast Platform.

Her mission is to provide support, guidance and education to help authors, creatives, intuitives and soulpreneurs to find the courage and confidence to take purpose driven action to uniquely solve the problems and pains they see in the world.

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