2021 Im-Perfect Planning

This ultimate 1 day immersion to set your clear vision and goals for your business and map out your content for 2021 will be the experience that changes your business. It will stop your unproductive time and wasting energy.

This is not just any old goal setting or content mapping workshop. This is how you set up your success of your business for 2021.

We believe imperfect action will win the day, especially when you never know what the year may bring.

Imperfect action occurs when you design your plan, collaborate with others and get going on whatever you need to do. This day will help you get going and taking action! After the event, you’ll be implementing your new direction, vision for 2021 and each business decision you make will be made to begin the momentum to achieve your goals.

There will be thinking BIG as well as step by step techniques to achieve your goals and MAP out the future content for your business.

You will learn proven methods of execution so you can be efficient in getting your content out there.

Stop the fluffing without direction. You will be purposeful and energised ready for the year ahead.

You will come away with your:

  • Theme and vision for 2021
  • 12 monthly goals
  • 90 day goals
  • Content mapping that aligns with your 2021 goals
  • New features for your 2021 marketing strategy
  • And much more

2021 is the year you will excel when you implement the MAGIC and take action, imperfect action.

Coming out of the 2020 fog of quick change, panic, stress, overwhelm and compulsion to react instead of respond, you’ll be confident to clear the air and enjoy the blissful relief for taking action in your business to have the best year yet.

At this workshop you’ll be photographed with copies of these images sent to you for use in your business in 2021 – so dress up and don’t forget to bring your touch up make-up.

Every person who buys a ticket will relish the opportunity to be with our two expert presenters for brain-picking over lunch where you can ask the hard questions and be rewarded with as much guidance and expertise that we can fit in.

This is a highly valuable and practical workshop that will give you clear direction for 2021.

Don’t just learn how to be an effective and efficient planner of your business and content, be it and do it NOW!!!!!

This is the ultimate planning event to set you on the path to success.

When: 2021-Jan-30

Where: The Belvedere Hotel, Woody Point

Address: 20 Oxley Avenue, Woody Point QLD 4019

Join us on Saturday 30th January at The Belvedere Hotel, Woody Point (North of Brisbane) for a full day of business immersion, with other like-minded business owners.

The Belvedere has a gorgeous view over Hayes Inlet where we will enjoy our morning tea and lunch with an outlook to calm the soul. Champion each other with an end of day networking event where you will be able to catch up with each other, unpack the day and discuss possible collaborations, joint ventures and referral opportunities.

Your ticket includes:
– 2021 Vision
– Goal Setting Workshop & Workshop Booklet
– Content Mapping Workshop & Workshop Booklet
– 2021 Wall planner, Content Planner and Notes Journal
– Headshots by professional photographer
– VIP Long Lunch with our experts
– Lunch, morning tea and all day coffee/tea
– Networking event
– Goody bag

Purchase your ticket here.

The day’s program looks like this:

  • Welcome
  • Professional Photography
  • Morning Tea
  • Goal Setting Workshop – Intentions, Vision for 2021, Goal Setting
  • Long Lunch with The Experts
  • Content Mapping Workshop – Emotion Mapping, Content Planning, Writing for Success
  • Cocktail Hour
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2021 Im-Perfect Planning