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Kirsty Fields
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Awards Season Tips

Business Awards Season is such an exciting time in your life, journey and path to career success and confirms and builds your confidence of what you get out of bed to do each day.

I’ve been blessed to have won several significant awards throughout my career and made it to the Finalists shortlist in others. I still reference these milestones – or leverage if you like – regularly, as they provide excellent social proof of your skillset and business capabilities.

The reality is people don’t get nominated for awards, become an Awards Finalist or Win awards without doing the hard yards first. Although it seems many people are reaping the benefits – they simply didn’t just submit a piece of paper and end up with a trophy for nothing.

If you’re one of the people who’s name appears on a shortlist right now – congratulations on submitting an application or being nominated for an award (or both). You obviously deserve it. You should be proud, and you should be letting the world know about it.

For those of you who are savvy enough to have had assistance with writing your application to get you on the shortlist, I also applaud you for making that investment.

You are likely to understand what a wonderful marketing and PR opportunity a Business Award can be for your career and business.

But once your name gets printed on the ballot paper, so to speak, there’s a list of other actions you should look to tick off to support the nomination.

After all, the judges are likely to not have heard of you before reviewing your submission. Once your paperwork has been read, what do you think the next steps are for them to take?

Do research. Complete their due diligence. Look for project or social proof.

Particularly for Awards presented by Industry Bodies, Professional Associations and on a National level. These trophies aren’t given out like lollies, a submission is not always going to be the only contributing factor in the decision process.

Business Awards with publicly voted categories, have a certain level of random voting. Many people are casting votes after some research and the effort into covering off on the below elements can turn random selection into educated votes.

If you’re participating in one of the popular vote Awards programs like Ausmumprenuer you can help yourself get those Votes in!

Plus you want to make sure the judges are SEEING YOU as they determine who gets their vote. This is on top of the random community casting votes in categories where they don’t know someone personally.

Show us the proof that your application wasn’t a fluke – turn up online accordingly! Below are my 8 top tips to make sure your digital footprint really has your best foot forward:

✅ Your website About and Media page

When was the last time these pages were updated? These should have the very latest details included on your profile. And be sure to have included evidence of recent projects you may have been applying for that award. These parts of your website are designed to show off #allthethings you do that impress others.

✅ Services or Products page

In addition to updating personal information on your website, highlighting your capacity for good and problem solving from your services or products is key. This

✅ Have you written any blogs from your point of expertise that you’ve not published or never finished? This is an excellent way to use your Blog to support your activities and educate your community which is a service in it itself. Engage a copywriter if you need to (we have an excellent one for you!)

✅ Give your personal profile a thorough Audit. Change all those memes and funny questionnaires about all the countries you’ve travelled to, to Private (or delete them), and open up your business related posts to Public.

✅ Choose a fabulous smiling profile photo of YOU on your personal profile – for the awards season we mean – not forever. Although we do recommend a great smiling photo all the time!

✅ Write engaging content that has your branded imagery attached to it. Forget mass-produced memes and quotes. Make them yourself! Match photos with text, create your own social media artwork of YOUR quotes and catch-phrases.

✅ Talk about elements in your business directly relative to the categories you are nominated for – but here’s the trick – don’t mention the awards. The fact you’re up for an award is great and you should mention it – but mention it in straight up promotional posts about the award. Leave it out of the other posts as though it’s coincidental 😉

✅ Talk about those Awards straight up! Get the logo and add it onto some excellent imagery related to your business and tell everyone how blessed you are, what you worked your butt off to get to this point, what your client wins were, how it feels to participate. Give us #allthefeels about you in this Awards program.

In addition to the items above, as you draw closer to Awards day, you should start to implement a specific social media campaign to promote your inclusion. But that’s a whole other article.

Good luck to all my personal friends and connections who are currently up for nomination – I’ve voted for you where it was possible for me to – and I look forward to seeing how you go for the rest of the year.

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